Meet Norman


For me it’s a cause, not a profession.

Hi, I am Norman Leonard from Sydney, Australia. Thirty years ago I decided to dedicated my life to help people enhance their leadership and communication skills and to create a business asset that would enable them to improve their lifestyle and have the ultimate freedom, that of CHOICE.

Since 1984, I have spoken to audiences of thousands at conventions across the world and have devoted my talents, skills and efforts to teaching and mentoring others in many countries on how to attain success, achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle through Network Marketing.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer and that engineering  background  gave me a deep appreciation and understanding of the tremendous power of working with a well proven and duplicatable system.

My mission in life is to help and mentor others to build large, well structured, balanced and profitable businesses by following a  proven system for success.  I thrive on the one-on- one mentoring with key leaders.

My intent is clear: to provide leadership, training, mentorship, information and skill of the highest quality, with integrity and with a deep commitment to the personal development of each person with whom I work.

Background to Norman Leonard

Born and educated  in South Africa. Growing up Norman was very active in the Boy Scout movement and attained the highest recognition, that of Queen Scout. He learnt the value of goal setting, focus, hard work and having a mentor. His goal was to qualify for that prestigious recognition before the country became a republic on 31 May 1961, for after date that the award no longer existed. His certificate is dated 31 May 1961 and he was one of the last seven persons to qualify in that country. The lesson he learnt was ‘never to give up on a goal until the deadline has passed’.

The pursuit of a career in Industrial Engineering led Norman on an adventure that took him to England, Canada and eventually arriving on a one way ticket in Sydney Australia in September 1969. He graduated with a part time degree in  BSc. Industrial Engineering with honours from the University of New South Wales at the end of 1975. Working full time in the field of Industrial Engineering and studying  part-time, four evenings a week from 6.00pm – 9.00pm for 6 years he learnt the value of discipline, goal setting, persistence, management of his time and delayed gratification, all attributes that would prove to be invaluable later in life when building his Network Marketing business.

On August 23rd, 1983 Norman hit a major crossroad in his life. At 9.00am he received the exciting news that he was going to be a father for the first time. Two hours later he was given the news that the company that employed him as their Manufacturing Manager considered his professional experience and qualifications inadequate to take them to the next stage.  He was asked to leave without notice. You can imagine the roller-coaster ride of emotions he experienced in those two hours. This event caused him to become totally disillusioned with ‘corporate life’ and he vowed that never ever again was he going to be held to ransom by another company or person.

He knew what he didn’t want, i.e. to work the rest of his life in ‘corporate life’ or to venture into a traditional type business of his own. At the same time he was uncertain as to exactly  what field of income generation he did want for himself  and his growing family. The truth of the adage “out of every adversity will come the seeds of a greater benefit” was born out as in less than 15 months after that devastating day he was approached out of the blue by his production clerk that had worked for him at that same company. The phone approach was simple: “Would I be open to look at an idea of generating additional income?”  There truly are not many intelligent responses to that question. Norman said “yes” and that was the beginning of an adventure that satisfied all his dreams and continues, to this day, to fuel his passion of helping others to help themselves.

Formal education will earn you a living, personal development will create you a life. Network Marketing opened the flood gates of personal development for Norman in the form of books, CDs and seminars. He became a devout  student of the system believing that ‘for things to change, he had to change’. Through the process of ‘doing, learning and teaching’  his network marketing business grew and it helped him turn some of his weaknesses into tremendous strengths, like the fear of inviting people to a presentation, fear of rejection, fear of speaking to strangers, fear of public speaking.

In his journey to success, Norman has had the privilege of closely associating with some of the greatest leaders in the Network Marketing industry and being  personally mentored by two of the greatest leaders.

Norman’s  life has also been enormously impacted by what he has learnt from people such as: Dr John C Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Napoleon Hill and many others.